Company History

Castle and Cooke's beginnings date back to 1864 when Samuel Northrop Castle and Amos Star Cooke, a couple of entrepreneurs who ventured to Hawaii and started a number of businesses including trading, shipping, land acquisition and farming. Their Hawaiian pineapple plantations evolved to become Dole Foods, one of the largest fruit, vegetables and flower suppliers in the world today serving over 90 countries. For 150 years, our founders have provided us with guidance and a philosophy still followed today that sets us apart from our competitors.

"Create and deliver lasting value for every customer."

Castle & Cooke Aviation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Castle & Cooke, Inc, a diversified development, real estate, and operating company whose assets include master planned residential communities, commercial properties, and world class resorts along with transportation equipment leasing, brick and building material manufacturing, public warehousing, and corporate aviation servicing.

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